Our DIY Wildflower Seed Favours

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DIY Wildflower Seeds wedding favours


Wedding favours are a tradition loved by many brides, and loathed by some! Personally, I loved the idea of guests being able to take away a little piece of our wedding. However, I was very nervous about spending hours on favours that got left behind. We decided to go for it, and started deciding what to do. As you will know if you have been reading this blog, our budget was really tight, but we wanted to go for something personal, meaningful, and useful.

After a few ideas being dismissed, we hatched a plan. Both of us are big bee fans. My husband’s fantasy is to start his own hive(s) and produce honey. We thought it would lovely to give our guests something pretty that also helped to support the English countryside that we love, and in turn the bees. We bought a huge pack of wildflower seeds and packaged them in pretty envelopes adorned with a super romantic Victor Hugo quotation. They went down wonderfully, and lots of our guests reported wonderful blooms the following year.


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