Spotlight on Live Wedding Music with earcandy

The wedding music industry has come a very long way in recent years, but hiring a live band can still be a little intimidating. So, bring on Gareth from experts earcandy! He’s here to give you a few tips and insights into what can be one of the highlights of your wedding.

Live Wedding Band

What would be your top tips for choosing a wedding band?

A party band would be the best choice as they offer a variety of music which can cater for all age groups so no-one feels left out at the wedding.

Have you noticed any recent trends in wedding entertainment?

We’ve noticed that brides now like more control and direction over the music that is to be played at an event. Traditionally a bride would go with the bands playlist for the evening; where now we’re seeing them choosing their own songs for the party.

What is your favourite thing about working in the entertainment industry?

It has to be seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces at the event and speaking to the happy couples after the event. It makes everything we do worth it a thousand times over.

What’s the most unique wedding you’ve ever provided entertainment for?

We’ve provided entertainment for a whole range of weddings, I think one of the most memorable ones was was where the Bride decided to have an open ‘festival’ style wedding. It was really cool, and she booked 4 of our bands to perform on stage one after the other in the evening. Guests danced outside under the stars, I think it was a great idea!

Can you tell us about Ear Candy and what you offer brides and grooms?

We’re really hands on. We don’t have hundreds of acts on our books, we focus on getting a few right. We actually put together our acts from the ground up, and get involved in the production. That means that you get entertainment that has had a lot more care and attention, and you know you are getting exceptional performers.


You can find earcandy’s website here, with acts from classical harpists to rock, pop, and indie groups.

Live Wedding Music


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